At Learning Matters Indy we attribute our many success stories to our relationship-driven, student-centered approach to tutoring, and our holistic, integrated philosophy of learning. Click here to learn more.

“Reading was always difficult and unpleasant for my daughter. After only a few sessions at Learning Matters Indy not only did reading become easier, but it was now fun for her.”


"Mrs. Lisa takes the time to get to know not only how, but also where your child best learns. Many times I pick up my daughter and she tells me about how she got to read or practice spelling words outside in the play house, or curled up on the sofa. She loves it! My daughter's confidence as well as her grades have improved tremendously!"


“My daughter Natalie has been tutored by Lisa Wilson for over 2 years. It has been a wonderful experience. Natalie is a very reluctant reader and had problems with comprehension and fluency. When she started 3rd grade, her teachers were worried that she would not pass IREAD3, and therefore not be able to advance to 4th grade. Her tutor worked with her every week on her comprehension and fluency, and it paid off. Natalie passed IREAD3 without a problem and is now a happy 4th grader. At the last parent teacher conference, I was told that her reading is where it is supposed to be in 4th grade, which made me very happy. The tutoring has helped Natalie tremendously, and has given me great peace of mind as well. Learning Matters Indy is an excellent tutoring service and I recommend it without hesitation.”


“Thanks to our Learning Matters Indy tutor, I have seen my son become a confident learner. He really enjoys the way she encourages him to do his best. Our tutor also helps me to understand my son’s learning style (which I could not have understood without her help). I know with her assistance we will have a successful year! I recommend her to anyone who has children struggling in school, or who just need a little more confidence. She is the best!"